What is 3d printing?

 The history of 3D printing can be dated back to 1983 by its creator Chuck Hall (Chief Technology Officer of 3D Systems). 3D Printing has been around for almost 40 years, within this time, particularly the last decade its popularity has taken off astronomically. 

  When 3D Printing was created the idea was to create a process that can lay down successive layers of different types of material until the object is created. Each one of these layers placed horizontally has a certain thickness to it allowing it to eventually form an object and in some cases light passes through to form an image. 

 The easiest way to describe 3D printing is to compare it to a paper printer. The first thing that is done is creating an image on the computer that the user desires. In order to do this the user must use software to create a customise image. After the image is created then the user has to set your print qualities to how they need the digital image printed, such as, format, colour, and pages to print,etc. Once the digital side is completed the only thing left to do is to print and wait. The Digital portion of 3D Printing is quite important because if the user does not set the settings correctly the prints will never come out properly, unlike a paper printer a 3D printer prints up with material which makes the settings that much important.

We at Soulflyer 3D Printing have created ways to influence excellent practices into our prints. Everyday we develop better ways to create images and sculptures. Our printers continuously run for customers and research and development.

 We not only take complete pride in our work we also allow ourselves to take the extra step in all of our projects to ensure our customers are satisfied.


 Soulflyer 3D Printing has many designs for our customers to choose from and in case the design is unavailable we can offer customised designs for  our customers by either the customer telling us what they want or a draft is drawn up and submitted via email at Soulflyer3Dprinting@yahoo.com to allow us to make our software work hard for you. We at Soulflyer 3D Printing not only specialise in printing we also design prints before they hit the printer.


Natural Lithophanes

Natural Lithophanes use surrounding light such as sunlight to show their images to the viewer. Usually these pictures hang in a window.

Night Lights

Our Night light have multiple colours and changing schemes. Remotes come built into them for your convenience.


halloween website.jpg

Lighted Lithophanes

Lighted Lithophanes use battery light with the option with multiple colours to choose from and easy to use. Makes for great gifts!!


Sculptures are figurines printed for your enjoyment we can paint or you can choose to have more of a hands on experience ordering them unpainted.

Customised Prints


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